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Effect of Bacillus aryabhattai H26-2 and B. siamensis H30-3 on Growth Promotion and Alleviation of Heat and Drought Stresses in Chinese Cabbage
Da Jeong Shin, Sung-Je Yoo, Jeum Kyu Hong, Hang-Yeon Weon, Jaekyeong Song, and Mee Kyung Sang
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:178-187
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A Duplex PCR Assay for Rapid Detection of Phytophthora nicotianae and Thielaviopsis basicola
Na Liu, Shijun Jiang, Songli Feng, Wenyan Shang, Guozhen Xing, Rui Qiu, Chengjun Li, Shujun Li, and Wenming Zheng
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:172-177
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Development of a Quantitative Real-time Nucleic Acid Sequence based Amplification (NASBA) Assay for Early Detection of Apple scar skin viroid
Seong Heo , Hyun Ran Kim, and Hee Jae Lee
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:164-171
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Effect on Colony Growth Inhibition of Soil-Borne Fungal Pathogens by Available Chlorine Content in Sodium Hypochlorite
Sung-Hee Lee, Hyunman Shin, Ju-Hyoung Kim, Kyoung-Yul Ryu, Heung Tae Kim, Byeongjin Cha, and Jae-Soon Cha
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:156-163
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Antimicrobial Activity of Various Parts of Tomato Plants Varied with Different Solvent Extracts
Dong Sub Kim, Yurina Kwack, Jung Heon Lee, and Changhoo Chun
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:149-155
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Molecular Identification and Evaluation of Indigenous Bacterial Isolates for Their Plant Growth Promoting and Biological Control Activities against Fusarium Wilt Pathogen of Tomato
Amanul Islam , Md. Shahinur Kabir , and Abul Khair
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:137-148
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Factors Affecting the Vineyard Populational Diversity of Plasmopara viticola
Susana Boso, Pilar Gago, Jos?-Luis Santiago, Mar?a de la Fuente, and Mar?a-Carmen Mart?nez
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:125-136
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Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Parameters of Hulled and Hull-less Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) DH Lines Inoculated with Fusarium culmorum
Tomasz Warzecha , Edyta Skrzypek, Tadeusz Adamski, Maria Surma, Zygmunt Kaczmarek, and Agnieszka Sutkowska
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:112-124
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Ascospore Infection and Colletotrichum Species Causing Glomerella Leaf Spot of Apple in Uruguay
Sandra Alaniz , Vanessa Cuozzo, Valentina Mart?nez, Marciel J. Stadnik, and Pedro Mondino
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:100-111
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The MAP Kinase Kinase Gene AbSte7 Regulates Multiple Aspects of Alternaria brassicicola Pathogenesis
Kai Lu, Min Zhang, Ran Yang, Min Zhang, Qinjun Guo, Kwang-Hyun Baek, and Houjuan Xu
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:91-99
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April 2019, 35 (2)
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