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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Sensitivity and specificity of the TaqMan real-time PCR with primer, Pc-12-ne-F/Pc-12-ne-R and TaqMan probe, Pc-taqman. (A) The linear regression generated by ten-fold dilution of DNA of Pseudomonas coronafaciens LMG 5060 and (B) TaqMan PCR with DNAs (circle dot) of P. coronafaciens LMG 5060, and P. coronafaciens strains (square dot): P. coronafaciens KACC 13262, KACC 12133, LMG 2170, LMG 5030, LMG 5061, LMG 5081, LMG 5380, LMG 5449, LMG 5452, LMG 5536, LMG 13190, and LMG 2330.
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