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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. The expression profile and targeted gene deletion of MoRHO2. (A) The expression profile of MoRHO2 in different developmental stages of M. oryzae. The expression of MoRHO2 was measured during five stages including mycelia (MY), conidia (CO), germinated conidia (GC), appressoria (AP), and infectious hyphae stages in rice leaves (IP). The results were normalized to β-tubulin and presented with a relative value of 1 in MY. (B) The targeted gene knockout of MoRHO2. The knockout strategy used the HPH cassette to replace MoRHO2. (C) The conformation of the MoRHO2 deletion using southern blot analysis. The genomic DNA was digested with HindIII and hybridized with specific probes. (D) Reverse transcription-PCR was used to check the expression of MoRHO2. The total RNA was extracted from wild type, ΔMorho2, and Morho2c samples.
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