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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Biplot for nine second-stage juvenile (J2) Meloidogyne incognita populations for PCA 1 and 2. Afrancho (AF), Akumadan (AK), Asuosu (AS), Toubodom (TB), Techimantia (TCH), Tanoso (TA), Tono (TO), Pwalugu (P) and Vea (V). 0–10 = Number of second-stage juvenile (J2) Meloidogyne incognita morphometrically characterised from each community. Color codings/groupings: Brown-Group 1 (Gp1), Violet-Group 2 (Gp2), and Green-Group 3(Gp3). Body length (BL), greatest body width (BW), stylet length (SL), tail length (TL), Hyaline tail length (HTL), ‘a’ = (total body length/greatest body width) and ‘c’ = (total body length/tail length).
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