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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. (A) Carbohydrate utilization by A. brassicicola WT and ΔAbSte7 mutant strains. The ΔAbSte7 mutant M1 and M2 and WT strains were grown on minimal media supplemented with the carbon sources xylan, cellulose, and pectin at 25°C for 7 d. (B) The carbohydrate utilization and hydrolytic enzyme production in ΔAbSte7 and WT strains were determined by the growth rates in minimal medium supplemented with diverse carbon sources. The growth rates (D) were calculated as: D = D1–D2. D1 and D2 were the colony diameter measured at 7 days after incubation and the diameter of the agar block for inoculation (8 mm), respectively. Each column represents the mean ± SE of the three independent experiments with three replicates.
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