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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Nucleotide sequence alignments of ASSVd isolates and the position of ASSVd-specific primers and molecular beacon. Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of ASSVd isolate collected from ‘Hongro’ cultivar at the orchard of NIHHS with ASSVd-K (Korean strain, accession AF421195), A-4 (DQ362907), B-9 (DQ362906), AM1 (EU031455), A1 (HG764204), B1 (HG764201), C1 (HG764197), C2 (HG764198), C3 (HG764199), C4 (HG764200), T1 (HG764202), P1 (HG764203), N1 (HG764205). ASSVd isolate which identified in this study had 100% sequence homology with ASSVd-K. Identical nucleic acid residues are shown in black, whereas dashes indicate gaps in the nucleotide sequences introduced to optimize alignment. The primers and molecular beacons sequences for ASSVd are indicated by red rectangles.
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