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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. A dendrogram which constructed from the sequences of ASSVd isolates; accessions K (AF421195), B-9 (DQ362906), A-4 (DQ362907), AM1 (EU031455), AM2 (EU031456), PP1 (EU031467), PE1 (EU031477), AP1 (EU031487), C1 (HG764197), C2 (HG764198), C3 (HG764199), C4 (HG764200), B1 (HG764201), T1 (HG764202), P1 (HG764203), A1 (HG764204), N1 (HG764205), ap (HQ840722), and ADFVd (NC_003463), CBLVd (M74065), and PBCVd (NC_001830) belong to the genus Apscaviroid. It was constructed by the maxium likelihood method based on Tamura-Nei model with 1,000 bootstraps.
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