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Fig. 1. Efficacy of cultural suspensions of S. padanus PMS-702 on the germination of sporangia produced by P. cubensis. (A) Dilution effects on sporangial germination. PMS-702 was cultured in soybean meal-glucose (SMG) broth for 3, 5 or 7 days. Cultural suspensions were mixed (1:1, v/v) with sporangia (104 sporangia/ml) to make 10×, 20× or 50× solution, and incubated at 20°C in the dark for 2 h. Mock controls were treated with SMG only. (B) Effects of plant oils (1%) on sporangial germination. (C) Concentration effects of corn oil and coconut oil on sporangial germination. PMS-702 was cultured in SMG amended with or without oil for 5 days and mixed with sporangia. Cultural suspensions at a 100-fold dilution were mixed with sporangia. In each treatment, 10 μl of suspensions was placed on a glass depression slide and observed microscopically. For each treatment, 50 randomly selected sporangia were examined. Data are means of three biological replicates. Means indicated by different letters were significantly different according to the Fisher’s least significance difference test (P = 0.05).
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