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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Tween 80 improves the efficacy of S. padanus PMS-702 in reducing downy mildew severity on cucumber. (A) Detached leaf assays. (B) Whole plant assays. PMS-702 was cultured in soybean meal-glucose amended with 1% coconut oil and sticky substances (SMG-C-2) amended with different concentrations of Tween 80 for 5 days and sprayed onto detached cucumber leaves, which were immediately inoculated with sporangial suspensions (104 sporangia/ml) of P. cubensis. Leaves treated with water were used as mock controls. The treated leaves were kept in a moist petri dish and the whole plants were bagged for 2 days and maintained in a greenhouse after bag removal. Downy mildew severity was examined 7 dai. Data are means of three biological replicates and treatment means separated by nonlinear regression.
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