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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Phytotoxicity of fungichromin on cucumber leaves and its effects on sporangial germination and downy mildew severity. (A) Phytotoxicity of fungichromin on detached cucumber leaves. (B) Fungichromin increases the inhibitory percentage of sporangial germination and decreases downy mildew severity on cucumber leaves. Fungichromin was dissolved in DMSO to make different concentrations and 10 μl of each was placed onto cucumber leaves. To test the effect of fungichromin on downy mildew severity, cucumber leaves were sprayed with fungichromin and inoculated with sporangia. The treated leaves or plants were incubated in a moist incubator. Disease incidence was recorded 7 dai. For sporangial germination, sporangia (104 sporangia/ml) were mixed with fungichromin and incubated at 20°C in the dark. Sporangia treated with DMSO were used as mock controls. After 2-h incubation, 50 randomly selected sporangia from each of the treatments were examined microscopically.
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