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Genetic Diversity of Seven Strawberry mottle virus Isolates in Poland
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:389-392
Published online August 1, 2019
© 2019 The Korean Society of Plant Pathology.

Mirosława Cieślińska *

Department of Plant Pathology, Research Institute of Horticulture, Konstytucji 3 Maja 1/3, 96-100 Skierniewice, Poland
Correspondence to: Phone) +48 46 834 52 36, FAX) +48 46 833 31 86
Received December 31, 2018; Revised February 15, 2019; Accepted April 3, 2019.
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
The studies on detection of the Strawberry mottle virus (SMoV) have been conducted in Poland for breeding programme purpose and for producers of strawberry plant material. Leaf samples collected from infected strawberry plants were grafted on Fragaria sp. Indicators which were maintained in greenhouse for further study. Seven Fragaria vesca var. semperflorens ‘Alpine’ indicators infected by SMoV were used for the study aimed on molecular characterization of virus isolates. Partial RNA2 was amplified from total nucleic acids using the RT-PCR method. The obtained amplicons separately digested with BfaI, FauI, HaeIII, HincI, and TaqI enzymes showed different restriction profiles. The nucleotide sequences analysis of RNA2 fragment confirmed the genetic diversity of the SMoV isolates as their similarity ranged from 94.7 to 100%. Polish isolates shared 75.7-99.2% identity with sequence of the virus strains from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Canada. Phylogenetic analysis resulted in grouping of the isolates found in Poland together with one of the Czech strain whereas two other from the Czech and the strains from the Netherlands and Canada created the separate cluster.
Keywords : phylogeny, restriction analysis, sequencing, Strawberry mottle virus

August 2019, 35 (4)
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