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The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:189-286
Research Articles
Association Analysis of Charcoal Rot Disease Resistance in Soybean
Ali Ghorbanipour, Babak Rabiei, Siamak Rahmanpour, and Seyed Akbar Khodaparast
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:189-199
Development and Validation of a Perfect KASP Marker for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance Gene Fhb1 in Wheat
Lovepreet Singh, James A Anderson, Jianli Chen, Bikram S Gill, Vijay K Tiwari, and Nidhi Rawat
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:200-207
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A Novel Protein Elicitor PeBL2, from Brevibacillus laterosporus A60, Induces Systemic Resistance against Botrytis cinerea in Tobacco Plant
Ghulam Hussain Jatoi , Guo Lihua, Yang Xiufen, Muswar Ali Gadhi, Azhar Uddin Keerio, Yusuf Ali Abdulle, and Dewen Qiu
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:208-218
Variation in the Resistance of Japanese Soybean Cultivars to Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot during the Early Plant Growth Stages and the Effects of a Fungicide Seed Treatment
Hajime Akamatsu , Masayasu Kato, Sunao Ochi, Genki Mimuro, Jun-ichi Matsuoka, and Mami Takahashi
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:219-233
Screening of Endophytic Antagonistic Bacterium from Phellodendron amurense and Their Biocontrol Effects against Canker Rot
Shujiang Li, Xinmei Fang, Hanlian Zhang, Yanling Zeng, and Tianhui Zhu
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:234-242
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Update on Distribution and Genetic Variability of Plum pox virus Strains in Bulgaria
Ivanka Kamenova , and Anelija Borisova
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:243-256
Identification and Expression Analysis of Genes Induced in Response to Tomato chlorosis virus Infection in Tomato
Mehtap Şahin-Çevik, Emine Doguş Sivri, and Bayram Çevik
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:257-273
Phytoplasma Infection could Affect Chemical Composition of Artemisia sieberi
Chamran Hemmati , and Mehrnoosh Nikooei
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:274-279
Characterization of Burkholderia glumae Putative Virulence Factor 11 (PVF11) via Yeast Two-Hybrid Interaction and Phenotypic Analysis
Juyun Kim, Namgyu Kim, Mohamed Mannaa, Hyun-Hee Lee, Jong-Seong Jeon, and Young-Su Seo
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:280-286
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The Plant Pathology Journal (Plant Pathol. J) (ISO Abbreviation: Plant Pathol. J.) is an international journal devoted to the publication of fundamental and applied investigations on all aspects of plant pathology and their traditional allies. It is published on......

Antagonistic Potential of Native Trichoderma viride Strain against Potent Tea Fungal Pathogens in North East India
A. Naglot, S. Goswami, I. Rahman, D. D. Shrimali, Kamlesh K. Yadav, Vikas K. Gupta, Aprana Jyoti Rabha, H. K. Gogoi, and Vijay Veer
Received January 21, 2015; Accepted June 26, 2015.
Development of PCR and TaqMan PCR Assays to Detect Pseudomonas coronafaciens, a Causal Agent of Halo Blight of Oats
Ji-Hye An, Young-Hee Noh, Yong-Eon Kim, Hyok-In Lee, and Jae-Soon Cha
Received September 24, 2014; Accepted February 7, 2015.
Control of Powdery and Downy Mildews of Cucumber by Using Cooking Oils and Yolk Mixture
Hyeong Jin Jee, Chang Ki Shim, Kyung Yul Ryu, Jong Ho Park, Byung Mo Lee, Du Hoe Choi, Gab Hee Ryu

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