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Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:543-711
Research Articles
Characterization of Nivalenol-Producing Fusarium asiaticum That Causes Cereal Head Blight in Korea
Ja Yeong Jang, Seul Gi Baek, Jung-Hye Choi, Sosoo Kim, Jeomsoon Kim, Da-Woon Kim, Sung-Hwan Yun , and Theresa Lee
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:543-552
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Variability of Stem-Base Infestation and Coexistence of Fusarium spp. Causing Crown Rot of Winter Wheat in Serbia
Radivoje Jevtić , Nemanja Stošić, Vesna Župunski, Mirjana Lalošević, and Branka Orbović
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:553-563
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MoRBP9 Encoding a Ran-Binding Protein Microtubule-Organizing Center Is Required for Asexual Reproduction and Infection in the Rice Blast Pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae
Teng Fu , Gi-Chang Park, Joon Hee Han , Jong-Hwan Shin , Hyun-Hoo Park , and Kyoung Su Kim
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:564-574
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Optimization of Polyethylene Glycol-Mediated Transformation of the Pepper Anthracnose Pathogen Colletotrichum scovillei to Develop an Applied Genomics Approach
Jong-Hwan Shin , Joon-Hee Han , Hyun-Hoo Park , Teng Fu , and Kyoung Su Kim
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:575-584
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MBCAST: A Forecast Model for Marssonina Blotch of Apple in Korea
Hyo-suk Kim , Jung-hee Jo, Wee Soo Kang , Yun Su Do , Dong Hyuk Lee , Mun-Il Ahn , Joo Hyeon Park , and Eun Woo Park
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:585-597
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Biocontrol Potential of Fungal Endophytes against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum Causing Wilt in Cucumber
Manzoor Ali Abro, Xiang Sun, Xingchun Li, Ghulam Hussain Jatoi , and Liang-Dong Guo
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:598-608
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Proteomic Changes in the Sound Vibration-Treated Arabidopsis thaliana Facilitates Defense Response during Botrytis cinerea Infection
Ritesh Ghosh , Bosung Choi, Young Sang Kwon, Tufail Bashir, Dong-Won Bae, and Hanhong Bae
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:609-622
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Connection the Rhizomicrobiome and Plant MAPK Gene Expression Response to Pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum in Wild and Cultivated Soybean
Chunling Chang, Shangqi Xu, Lei Tian, Shaohua Shi, Fahad Nasir, Deguo Chen, Xiujun Li, and Chunjie Tian
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:623-634
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Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification for the Detection of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni in Peaches
Weilan Li, Seung-Yeol Lee, Chang-Gi Back, Leonid N. Ten, and Hee-Young Jung
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:635-643
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Genetic Variability Based on Tandem Repeat Numbers in a Genomic Locus of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ Prevalent in North East India
Yanglem Herojit Singh, Susheel Kumar Sharma , Bireswar Sinha, Virendra Kumar Baranwal, N. Bidyananda Singh, Ngathem Taibangnganbi Chanu, Subhra S. Roy, Meraj A. Ansari, Arati Ningombam, Ph. Sobita Devi, Ashis Kumar Das, Salvinder Singh, K. Mamocha Singh, and Narendra Prakash
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:644-653
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Identification of Heterodera glycines (Tylenchida; Heteroderidae) Using qPCR
Hyoung-Rai Ko, Heonil Kang, Eun-Hyoung Park, Eun-Hwa Kim, and Jae-Kook Lee
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:654-661
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Biological Control of Root-Knot Nematodes by Organic Acid-Producing Lactobacillus brevis WiKim0069 Isolated from Kimchi
Hye Jeong Seo, Ae Ran Park, Seulbi Kim, Jehyeong Yeon, Nan Hee Yu, Sanghyun Ha, Ji Yoon Chang, Hae Woong Park , and Jin-Cheol Kim
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:662-673
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Isolation and Characterization of Airborne Mushroom Damaging Trichoderma spp. from Indoor Air of Cultivation Houses Used for Oak Wood Mushroom Production Using Sawdust Media
Jun Young Kim, Hyuk Woo Kwon, Dong Hyeung Lee, Han Kyu Ko, and Seong Hwan Kim
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:674-683
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The Shaker Type Potassium Channel, GORK, Regulates Abscisic Acid Signaling in Arabidopsis
Chae Woo Lim, Sang Hee Kim, Hyong Woo Choi, Sheng Luan, and Sung Chul Lee
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:684-691
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Antibody-Mediated Resistance to Rhizomania Disease in Sugar Beet Hairy Roots
M. Jafarzade, M. Ramezani, F. Hedayati, Z. Mokhtarzade, B. Zare, M. S. Sabet, P. Norouzi, and M. A. Malboobi
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:692-697
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Identification of New Isolates of Phytophthora sojae and the Reactions of Korean Soybean Cultivars Following Hypocotyl Inoculation
In Jeong Kang, Sunjoo Kang, Ik Hyun Jang, Yun Woo Jang, Hyung Kwon Shim, Sunggi Heu, and Sungwoo Lee
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:698-704
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Comparison of Microbial Community of Rhizosphere and Endosphere in Kiwifruit
Min-Jung Kim, Heeil Do, Gyeongjun Cho, Rae-Dong Jeong, and Youn-Sig Kwak
Plant Pathol. J. 2019;35:705-711
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Antagonistic Potential of Native Trichoderma viride Strain against Potent Tea Fungal Pathogens in North East India
A. Naglot, S. Goswami, I. Rahman, D. D. Shrimali, Kamlesh K. Yadav, Vikas K. Gupta, Aprana Jyoti Rabha, H. K. Gogoi, and Vijay Veer
Received January 21, 2015; Accepted June 26, 2015.
Control of Powdery and Downy Mildews of Cucumber by Using Cooking Oils and Yolk Mixture
Hyeong Jin Jee, Chang Ki Shim, Kyung Yul Ryu, Jong Ho Park, Byung Mo Lee, Du Hoe Choi, Gab Hee Ryu
Development of PCR and TaqMan PCR Assays to Detect Pseudomonas coronafaciens, a Causal Agent of Halo Blight of Oats
Ji-Hye An, Young-Hee Noh, Yong-Eon Kim, Hyok-In Lee, and Jae-Soon Cha
Received September 24, 2014; Accepted February 7, 2015.

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