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The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:1-90
Wheat Blast in Bangladesh: The Current Situation and Future Impacts
M. Tofazzal Islam , Kwang-Hyung Kim, and Jaehyuk Choi
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:1-10
Research Articles
Selection of Reference Genes for Real-time Quantitative PCR Normalization in the Process of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici Infecting Wheat
Li-hua Xie, Xin Quan, Jie Zhang, Yan-yan Yang, Run-hong Sun, Ming-cong Xia, Bao-guo Xue, Chao Wu, Xiao-yun Han, Ya-nan Xue, and Li-rong Yang
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:11-18
Visualization of Phytophthora palmivora Infection in Oil Palm Leaflets with Fluorescent Proteins and Cell Viability Markers
Juan C. Ochoa, Mariana Herrera, Mónica Navia, and Hernán Mauricio Romero
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:19-31
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Viruses Associated with Fig Mosaic Disease in Different Fig Varieties in Montenegro
Jelena Latinović, Sebastjan Radišek, Milija Bajčeta, Jernej Jakše, and Nedeljko Latinović
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:32-40
Presence of Diverse Sugarcane Bacilliform Viruses Infecting Sugarcane in China Revealed by Pairwise Sequence Comparisons and Phylogenetic Analysis
Kashif Ahmad, Sheng-Ren Sun, Jun-Lü Chen, Mei-Ting Huang, Hua-Ying Fu, and San-Ji Gao
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:41-50
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Genetic Variability among Different Populations of Root Knot Nematodes Based on Their Encumbrance Response to Pasteuria Isolates Using PCR-RFLP
Muhammad Kamran , Nazir Javed, Ihsan Ullah, Shahid Nazir, Shakra Jamil, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Huma Abbas, Sajid Aleem Khan, and Muhammad Ehetisham ul Haq
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:51-62
Winter Wheat Grain Yield Response to Fungicide Application is Influenced by Cultivar and Rainfall
Emmanuel Byamukama, Shaukat Ali, Jonathan Kleinjan, Dalitso N. Yabwalo, Christopher Graham, Melanie Caffe-Treml, Nathan D. Mueller, John Rickertsen, and William A. Berzonsky
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:63-70
Rapid Detection of SdhBP225F and SdhBH272R Mutations in Boscalid Resistant Botrytis cinerea Strains by ARMS-PCR
Xin Liu, Rong Zeng, Shigang Gao, Lihui Xu, and Fuming Dai
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:71-76
In Vitro and In Vivo Inhibitory Effects of Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide Against Diaporthe batatas Isolated from Stored Sweetpotato
Ye Ji Lee, Jin-Ju Jeong, Hyunjung Jin, Wook Kim, Gyeong-Dan Yu, and Ki Deok Kim
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:77-83
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Genome-wide Screening to Identify Responsive Regulators Involved in the Virulence of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Sang-Wook Han, Mi-Ae Lee, Youngchul Yoo, Man-Ho Cho, and Sang-Won Lee
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:84-89
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Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Heterodera schachtii and the Newly Recorded Cyst Nematode, H. trifolii Associated with Chinese Cabbage in Korea
Abraham Okki Mwamula, Hyoung-Rai Ko, Youngjoon Kim, Young Ho Kim, Jae-Kook Lee, and Dong Woon Lee
The Plant Pathology Journal 2019;35:90-90
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The Plant Pathology Journal (Plant Pathol. J) (ISO Abbreviation: Plant Pathol. J.) is an international journal devoted to the publication of fundamental and applied investigations on all aspects of plant pathology and their traditional allies. It is published on......

Antagonistic Potential of Native Trichoderma viride Strain against Potent Tea Fungal Pathogens in North East India
A. Naglot, S. Goswami, I. Rahman, D. D. Shrimali, Kamlesh K. Yadav, Vikas K. Gupta, Aprana Jyoti Rabha, H. K. Gogoi, and Vijay Veer
Received January 21, 2015; Accepted June 26, 2015.
Development of PCR and TaqMan PCR Assays to Detect Pseudomonas coronafaciens, a Causal Agent of Halo Blight of Oats
Ji-Hye An, Young-Hee Noh, Yong-Eon Kim, Hyok-In Lee, and Jae-Soon Cha
Received September 24, 2014; Accepted February 7, 2015.
Genetic Variability and Geographical Distribution of Mycotoxigenic Fusarium verticillioides Strains Isolated from Maize Fields in Texas
Carlos S. Ortiz, Casey Richards, Ashlee Terry, Joselyn Parra, and Won-Bo Shim
Received February 12, 2015; Accepted April 29, 2015.

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