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The Plant-Associated Flavobacterium: A Hidden Helper for Improving Plant Health
Hyojun Seo, Ju Hui Kim, Sang-Moo Lee, Seon-Woo Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2024;40(3):251-260.   Published online June 1, 2024
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Research Articles
A Mutation of a Putative NDP-Sugar Epimerase Gene in Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum Attenuates Exopolysaccharide Production and Bacterial Virulence in Tomato Plant
Hyoung Ju Lee, Sang-Moo Lee, Minseo Choi, Joo Hwan Kwon, Seon-Woo Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2023;39(5):417-429.   Published online October 1, 2023
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Contribution of the murI Gene Encoding Glutamate Racemase in the Motility and Virulence of Ralstonia solanacearum
Kihyuck Choi, Geun Ju Son, Shabir Ahmad, Seung Yeup Lee, Hyoung Ju Lee, Seon-Woo Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2020;36(4):355-363.   Published online August 1, 2020
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Culturing Simpler and Bacterial Wilt Suppressive Microbial Communities from Tomato Rhizosphere
Nazish Roy, Kihyuck Choi, Raees Khan, Seon-Woo Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2019;35(4):362-371.   Published online August 1, 2019
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Specific and Sensitive Primers Developed by Comparative Genomics to Detect Bacterial Pathogens in Grains
Kwang Yeol Baek, Hyun-Hee Lee, Geun Ju Son et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(2):104-112.   Published online April 1, 2018
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Analysis of Genetic and Pathogenic Diversity of Ralstonia solanacearum Causing Potato Bacterial Wilt in Korea
Heejung Cho, Eun-Sung Song, Young Kee Lee et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(1):23-34.   Published online February 1, 2018
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Comparative Genome Analysis of Rathayibacter tritici NCPPB 1953 with Rathayibacter toxicus Strains Can Facilitate Studies on Mechanisms of Nematode Association and Host Infection
Jungwook Park, Pyeong An Lee, Hyun-Hee Lee, Kihyuck Choi, Seon-Woo Lee, Young-Su Seo
Plant Pathol J. 2017;33(4):370-381.   Published online August 1, 2017
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Isolation and Characterization of a Bacteriophage Preying an Antifungal Bacterium
Aryan Rahimi-Midani, Kyoung-Ho Kim, Seon-Woo Lee, Sang Bong Jung, Tae-Jin Choi
Plant Pathol J. 2016;32(6):584-588.   Published online December 1, 2016
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Research Articles
Impact of a Recombinant Biocontrol Bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens pc78, on Microbial Community in Tomato Rhizosphere
Hyun Gi Kong, Nam Hee Kim, Seung Yeup Lee, Seon-Woo Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2016;32(2):136-144.   Published online April 1, 2016
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Isolation and Characterization of the Colletotrichum acutatum ABC Transporter CaABC1
Suyoung Kim, Sook-Young Park, Hyejeong Kim et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2014;30(4):375-383.   Published online December 15, 2014
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Research Articles
Altered Gene Expression and Intracellular Changes of the Viable But Nonculturable State in Ralstonia solanacearum by Copper Treatment
Hae Young Um, Hyun Gi Kong, Hyoung Ju Lee et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2013;29(4):374-385.   Published online December 1, 2013
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