The Plant Pathology Journal 2006;22(3):260-264.
Published online October 1, 2006.
Molecular Characterization of Apple stem grooving virus Isolated fromTalaromyces flavus
Hye Kyung Shim, Kyu Hyon Hwang, Chang Ki Shim, Su Wan Son, Dong Giun Kim, Yong Mun Choi, Young Jae Chung, Dae Hyun Kim, Hyeong Jin Jee, Suk Chan Lee
Talaromyces flavus mediates the transmission of Apple stem grooving virus (ASGV) to several host plants. The ASGV-F carried by T. flavus was partially purified from the fungus. Based on sequence analysis and homology searches, this is closely related to other ASGV strains isolated from host plants. The partially purified viral coat protein (CP) was separated on a 12% SDSpolyacrylamide gel and analyzed by Western blotting with an ASGV anti-serum. A single band at 28 kDa reacted with the ASGV anti-serum. The deduced amino acid sequence of the ORF-1 showed conserved domains, including an NTP-binding helicase motif, GFAGSGKT. The amino acid sequences of the helicase and CP showed strong homology to other ASGV strains (98%). All ASGV isolated from plants and fungi had salt bridges composed of the CP and the GFAGSGKT motif of the helicase, which are commonly conserved in plant viruses. These results suggest that ASGV-F is one of ASGV strains isolated from T. flavus based on sequence similarity as well as the serological analysis of CP.
Key Words: Apple stem grooving virus, coat protein, helicase, Talaromyces flavus

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