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The Plant Pathology Journal 2010;26(1):70-79.
DOI:    Published online March 31, 2010.
Screening of Rice Blast Resistance Genes from Aromatic Rice Germplasms with SNP Markers
Jeong Soon Kim, Sang Nag Ahn, Chung Kon Kim, Chang Ki Shim
Rice blast is one of the serious devastating diseases. This study was carried out to determine the genetic diversities of blast resistance (R) genes form 86 accessions of aromatic rice with eight SNP markers, z4792, zt4792, z60510, zt6057, k6415, k6411, k39575 and t256, which showed the close-set linkage to 6 major genes, Piz, Piz-t, Pik, Pik-m, Pik-p, and Pit. Four accessions of indica type, Mayataung, Yekywin Yinkya Hmwe, Basmati9-93, and Basmati5854, showed the positive amplicons of six major genes. Among 86 accessions, 83 accessions were detected both or one of Piz and Piz-t genes. Seventy three accessions contained the Piz gene with z4792 marker. In addition, 30 and 71 accessions possessed Piz-t gene with zt4792 and zt6057 markers, respectively. Ten accessions showed the positive bands for the Piz-t gene with both zt4792 and zt6057 markers. Only one accession, Khau Nua Keo, was not amplified for both Piz and Piz-t gene. But japonica type, Gerdeh, possessed only Piz gene between Piz and Piz-t. Fifty two accessions showed the three of Pik multiple genes and Pit gene. Four accessions, Iari7447, Daebunhyangdo2, Shiyayuuine, and Basmati 6129 possessed a Pik-p gene. Especially, Pit gene on chromosome 1 was detected with t256 marker in all of 83 accessions, exception of A-2, one accession of japonica type.
Key Words: aromatic rice, Pi genes, rice blast resistance, SNP marker

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